Hospitality, Event and Environmental Staffing Services

Cafeteria Program

Dean's Professional Services places Cafeteria School Food Service Workers across the state of Texas. Here's how the program works.


Dean's Professional Services has partnered with Sodexo to service K-12 school locations across the state of Texas. Major service areas include: 

  • Greater Houston Area 

  • College Station

  • Dallas / Ft. Worth Region

  • San Antonio Area

Positions include: 

  • Food Service Worker

  • Cook

  • Drivers

  • Administrative Assistants


  • Food handler certification

  • Background Check

  • Background - Fingerprinting

  • 6 months - 1 year of food service / customer service experience required.

  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment

  • professional demeanor


All employees need to be available for 30-40 hours / week during the hours of: 

  • 6am - 4pm

Dress Code: 

All employees should be prepared to work in a kitchen environment with the following dress code requirements. These will be required to have BEFORE starting your assignment. 

  • Black Slacks (Dickies / work pants)

  • Black Non-Slip Shoes

  • Black Belt

  • White Polo / Black Polo

DPS Hospitality Team: 

Dean Spann
Texas Hospitality Manager 

Phylicia Young
Houston/ College Station Regional Staffing Coordinator 

Darryl Moore
Staffing Coordinator

800-805-9318 (Toll Free) 
713-785-7483 (Houston)
214-275-9231 (Dallas)


How to apply?

Step 1 - Complete the Full Application - Click the link to the city you're applying for.

NOTE: if you have already completed a full application, STILL click on the link to apply directly to the job - this will notify DPS that you are interested. 

Things to know:

  • Select “School Cafeteria” as the branch

  • When creating a username and password, save it so you can access HR Center in the future

  • Upload the most updated version of your resume, word document is preferred

  • DO NOT SKIP the “Release Form Questionnaire” step. Be sure to click the blue link.

  • - To access the release form Use Client ID #7900

  • - Please be sure to include your full middle name and full social security number.

  • Please be sure to return to the application and complete all of the tabs in their entirety.

  • - Previous employment, education, and professional references will be required.

  • Complete the application and click submit.

  • Be sure to go back to the application for your specific city and apply for the job.

Step 2 - Send us your food handler certification. Complete a food handler online certification course, if you do not already have one. 

Please note, Food Handler certification is a requirement for the State of Texas and Dean's Professional Services. A food handler certification can be obtained by clicking on the link in blue. 

Once finished, send a copy of your certification to or upload into HR Center during your application process.

Step 3 - Interview & Orientation

Once you have completed step 1 & step 2 - a member of the DPS Hospitality Team will contact you in regards to your application and schedule you for an interview. During this time, you will be required to interview in person or via zoom, complete additional documents, and an online orientation. 

Step 4 - Get your Fingerprinting Completed

Once you have completed your orientation, you will be required to complete a fingerprinting (background check). You will be scheduled to go to the nearest approved location to complete a fingerprint. Once this has been completed and background check approved, you will be cleared to go to work. 

A member of the DPS Compliance team will contact to schedule you for your fingerprinting appointment. It is imperative that you are available as soon as necessary to get your fingerprinting completed as this could delay your start date. 

Step 5 - Clearance and Confirmation

Once all steps have been completed and the results of your fingerprinting have been returned, you will receive a call and confirmation email. Your confirmation will include all the necessary information for your assignment including schedule, location (address), dress code details, report to details, and time keeping details. 

It is imperative that you review all information necessary before you arrive to work. If you have any scheduling conflicts at that time, please let your staffing coordinator know.